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When something distressing or unexpected happens to your child it can tear your whole world apart.

In the UK, a huge number of fathers face difficult times as parents – such as the loss of a child, or raising a child with a disability or mental illness. Often, other people don’t know what to say or understand what you’re going through.

The pressure of being a father, supporting the family, or ‘staying strong’ can make you feel like you have to carry your worries alone. And without someone who understands, it can be lonely and overwhelming.

Eddy was set up as a space where fathers can support and inspire each other through their experiences - learning to take each day at a time. Being strong doesn’t mean staying silent through turbulent and traumatic times.

We’re a not-for-profit group, but we’re not a charity. So any profit we make is given to charities working to support fathers through difficult times.

A word from our founder, Scott Jackson

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